Thursday, June 14, 2012

Everything On His List!

Rick E. has hunted the world and he says that this Zambia hunt was one of his very best.   He took fine trophies of all the animals he wanted including this excellent roan and sitatunga, plus a hyena and three races of lechwe.   A great hunt completed by a really good sportsman.  Way to go Rick! 


You can tell by the smile on his face that Brown D. is quite happy with his big Botswana tusker.   Up close and personal is how you hunt these big boys; a bull of this size should make any dedicated sportsman proud.   Brown enjoyed a fantastic experience which will bring him a lifetime of memories.  Great job by all!


Jim M. (AZ) has wanted to big leopard for a long time and Safari Outfitters knew that the place to send him was the SAVE Valley Conservancy in Zimbabwe.  This huge cat plus a superb eland fell to Jim's fine shooting.  What is next on your wish list Jim?  Safari Outfitters can arrange it!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Great hunts in Pakistan!

Charles H., Jr. wanted to know if they had any good Blanford Urial left in Pakistan...the answer as he found is a resounding - YES! He took this monster ram along with an excellent Sindh Ibex while on his January 2012 hunt. Watch for more updates on Charles, as he is planning to hunt Dagestan Tur as well.

Two for Two in Tajikistan

Jon & Lanceine Z. (SD) shared an adventure to the land of Marco Polo. Jon harvested an excellent ram early in the hunt and Lanceine scored when she took this heavy horned mid-Asian ibex. Congratulations to both successful hunters!

A classic Marco Polo!

Jack Z. headed for Tajikistan in Nov. 2012 and not only took this perfectly symmetrical, classic Marco Polo, but as an added bonus he took a nice ibex as well! He reported seeing great numbers of sheep and had a great hunting adventure!

From Manhatten to the mountains

November can be cold in Manhatten, but Brian K. opted to leave the big city behind and explore the wind swept mountains of Tajikistan in 2011. His efforts paid off when he connected with this heavy horned Marco Polo! As for his return to Manhatten...he was just glad that HIS Manhatten is in Montana! NICE ram Brian!